Men's Ministry
The new man in Jesus Christ needs to be established in his faith. Establishment is the process of building a man into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Almost the first half of Jesus public ministry was spent developing relationships with other men to become rooted, established, and built up in the faith. He desired for these men to have a solid knowledge of Him and to know what it is to obey Him, trust Him, and follow Him for the rest of their lives. Men's Ministry has emerged to establish men as committed Christians, husbands, and fathers. Furthermore the intent is to empower manhood from a holistic perspective. This includes providing resources that will enhance the individual in the areas of relationships, finances, and life management as a whole.

The mission of Men's Ministry is to assist men to assume their rightful role and become spiritual and social catalysts in their families, the church and the community.

The goals of the Men's Ministries Department:
To understand God's purpose for men.
To determine each man's purpose in life.
To be an effective man.
To provide assistance to the church and to those in need.
To be provide mentorship to younger men.