group_sugar_cand_300_1UFC was started by a group of three students in the year 2002 as a fellowship or a Christian union. It was just a meeting that these Christian students wanted to be having to encourage one another in the Christian walk.

The group had only one weekly meeting and on Sundays everyone would go at their churches. With the growth in number of the University, more and more students started attending. But they would all go to different churches on Sundays.

With time there arose the need to address the spiritual needs in the specific way since the other churches has people from different walks of life attending it was difficult to get some encouragement that would help the students face their challenges. So there were suggestions for students to start meeting together on Sundays.

When consensus was reached different small fellowships came together and adopted the name UFC (United Faith Chapel) to embrace everyone. They agree that the Bible would be the only guide for doctrine and living. At this time all the members were students and everyone would bring the little experience they had from their home churches to serve.

There was in the early days of UFC a crisis of focus and beliefs because of the different doctrinal background but with time it was settled that the differences should be put aside and the focus should be on what units the church. UFC has mainly grown through friendship, where by students tell their friends and their friends tell other and so on. But it has also grown deep in its emphasis on spiritual growth and bdancing_practice_250_1uilding meaningful relationships.

UFC has also grown stronger in its uncompromising stand on the issues morality and right Christian living. There came different partners in to help in many ways, especially in providing training and accountability to the leaders and help them keep the vision clear.

With the growth of the church to about 300 members UFC had become a church that needed to be lead responsibly with a clear vision and plan for the future. Therefore a continuity office was started. This was the idea that people who know where UFC have been and have an idea on where it is going were to stay after their academic studies just to serve in the church and provide leadership. UFC has gone through a lot but by the grace of God it still stands.

Like Paul said in Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this very thing, that he who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ:(ASV) We believe that this church is here to stay until it can accomplish what the Lord has planned for it. UFC is a growing church and we are glad for what God has done through many people.